Previous Members of Andrew Boothroyd's Group
Thesis (where applicable)
Marein Rahn 2013–2017 PhD student Magnetism in Quantum Materials probed by X-ray and Neutron Scattering (70.0Mb)
Andrew Princep 2012–2017 Post-doc
Liam Gannon 2011–2015 PhD student Charge-density-waves in quasi-one and quasi-two-dimensional metallic crystal systems (20.0Mb)
Eleanor Hamilton 29/06/2016 – 06/09/2016 Summer intern     (Univ of Oxford)  
Yanfeng Guo 2012–2015 Post-doc
Stephen Gaw 2010–2014 PhD student Cooperative spin excitations in quantum materials studied by neutron spectroscopy (13.7Mb)
Alice Taylor 2009–2013 PhD student Magnetic dynamics in iron-based superconductors probed by neutron spectroscopy (6.8Mb)
Graeme Johnstone 2007–2012 PhD student Neutron and X-ray Scattering Study of Magnetic Manganites (20.2Mb)
Peter Babkevich 2008–2012 PhD student Quantum materials explored by neutron scattering (8.8Mb)
Sunil Nair 2009–2011 EU Marie Curie Fellow  
Heather Lewtas 2006–2010 PhD student A Muon and Neutron Study of Multiferroic Materials (12.5Mb)
Martin Rotter 2008–2010 postdoc  
Russell Ewings 2004–2008 PhD student Neutron and X-ray Scattering Studies of Strongly Correlated Electron Systems (4.1Mb)
Elisa Wheeler 2004–2007 PhD student Neutron Scattering from Low-Dimensional Quantum Magnets (5.4Mb)
Jason Yuen 25/06/2007– 03/08/2007 Summer intern     (Univ of Cambridge)  
Lucy Helme 2003–2006 PhD student Neutron Scattering Studies of Correlated Electron Systems (8.75Mb)
Paul Freeman 2002–2005 PhD student Magnetism and the Magnetic Excitations in Charge Ordered La2–xSrxNiO4+d (3.5Mb)
Carol Webster  (née Gardiner) 1999–2002 PhD student Magnetism and Excitations in Praseodymium Compounds (4.6 Mb)
Stephen Lister 1998–2001 postdoc  
David Gonzalez 2001–2002 ERASMUS scholar (Univ of Zaragoza)  
Puri Isla 2000–2001 ERASMUS scholar (Univ of Zaragoza)  
Valerie Nunez


Robert Georgii 1995 postdoc  
Francois Dubin 2000–2001 graduate student


Julian Barratt

1997–2000 PhD student

  Neutron Scattering Studies of Heavy Electron Behaviour in YbNi2B2C (3.4Mb)

Anders Markvardsen 1995–2000 PhD student Polarised Neutron Diffraction Measurements of PrBa2Cu3O6+x and the Bayesian Statistical Analysis of Such Data
John Reynolds 1994–1998 PhD student Neutron Diffraction and Reflection Studies of Superconductors
Andy Longmore 19921995 PhD student Neutron Scattering and Praseodymium Suppression of Superconductivity 
Bobby Mukherjee 19921995 PhD student Inelastic Scattering of Neutrons and Light from Cuprate Systems

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